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Classic PC Games
by PLBM Games
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"Speed-Kar is a tribute old simple action games of the 1980s and features a scrolling maze where you must play a variant of ""Capture The Flag"" by maneuvering your car around the maze to capture the flags (wow!) and avoid being run over (""tagged"") by the enemy cars. Additional hazards include stones and other obstacles that may destroy your car if you bump into them. As you drive your car uses fuel at a constant rate. When you run out of fuel your...
Topics: DOS games, Vintage computer games, Action games
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Classic PC Games
by Jeff Tunnell Productions
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"Want to build a better mousetrap? All it takes are bike-riding monkeys, treadmill mice and a few bowling balls. Genius and junk combine to solve the convoluted contraptions in The Incredible Machine. Start with a fanciful framework of levers and gears and basketballs. Then search the toolbox for your own gadgetry and set up a chain reaction that will free the cat, or exercise the mice, or burst balloons. Connect wheels and cycles, seesaws and platforms while building your mechanical...
Topics: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Puzzle games